Hello and Welcome,

I’m setting up this site just prior to January 2011. I’m building this page to help anyone who is interested for whatever reason find me on the web.  I expect folks will find this site because they looked for me directly for some reason. I expect folks will find this page because they are interested in fatherhood, looking for help in building businesses, idea generation, project management, requirements management social media, marketing and the web.  I also expect folks looking for information about Cerebral Palsy and stem cell research might find this page.  The last reason you might find this page is for inspiration and weight loss. I expect you’ll find it because it’s built explicitly for those purposes and those are a number of my interests that can and will help you understand who I am.

I could not have built this page last year because, I didn’t quite know who I was yet. Today I can say proudly that I do know who I am and what I’m doing.

There is no blog directly on this site as I have three blogs that I own directly one in which I’m a founder and contributor and another few where I contribute on a semi regular basis. What you will find on this site is links to my writing around the web and other professional information that might otherwise be difficult to find.